Latex, Leather, and Lightning Speed

by breelondon



Hi yummies!

I hope you are well? Have just emerged from a steaming hot bubble bath and enjoying a lovely lazy weekend, which has to be one of life’s most simple but perfect luxuries. Although summer is (obviously) the best season, I have to admit that there is something magical about this upcoming September-October season (other than my birthday on the 21st Oct – hint hint!) when you find yourself curled up in front of an open fire at a cosy bar or country house. The English countryside is something of an enigma to me – on one hand I am a very outdoorsy person, and like to see myself as a modern-day Annie Oakley, strolling through the woods in the delicious combination of Hunter wellies, thick knitwear, and Agent Provocateur, foraging for wild mushrooms, feasting on wild game, and so on, but in reality… I cant light a fire (my technique is essentially lots and lots of lighter fluid, and hoping the whole thing won’t blow up when I throw a match at it and run away), I can’t stand insects of any sort, and I’m terrible at shooting – the last time I went shooting, I hit about 2 our of 60 clays, and accidentally killed a pigeon (I don’t feel too apologetic about this as getting obliterated by a hot woman with a shot gun is probably the best possible way a pigeon could die). So although I’m hardly the consummate Girl Scout, I do really love the English countryside, and have even enjoyed some of our beautiful coastline over the summer. I also really like British heritage brands – like Barbour, Burberry, and Hunter, and recently found the most gorgeous DAKS coat in a local vintage shop (it’s pretty much an old lady/ Nigel Farage coat but l was recently gifted a beautiful pair of leather boots and they match perfectly!). As someone who loves fashion, I enjoy mixing up styles, and pairing vintage items with more modern pieces – I love quality things, whether they are old or new, trendy or timeless.

So anyway… life is a little hectic at the moment and I’m trying to juggle a lot of projects and things at once, so thanks for bearing with me! Chemistry is important to me, Have had some epic adventures – last week I had my first ever experience as passenger on a (very sexy) motorbike! This was such a fun but surprising feeling – I thought I would be terrified but I totally loved it! The lightness and speed gives bikes the same appeal that racing cars and helicopters and speed boats have – that feeling of danger and the excitement of being on such a seemingly fragile vehicle. I love bike culture also – not just the clothes, but also the ability to take to the road and at a moments notice. Just that one ride has really made me want a bike! For me, one of the most important things to preserve in life is a sense of freedom; not only being free sexually, but also having the freedom (when need be) to travel and escape the monotony of day to day life. I spent this morning shopping for a couple of new latex outfits at an amazing couture latex boutique. So many beautiful things to pick from! I love latex – I can’t say I have any particular fetish for it, I just love the way it looks and hugs the body. I opted for a bubblegum blue mini dress, and a longer pencil dress in a wine/burgundy colour. They are making the second dress to order, but you can see the first one after my shoot next weekend. Speaking of the shoot… aaah!! So by now you will know that I always approach these shoots with a mixture of total fear and apprehension. But this time there is an added tension in that I am changing my look the day before, so will not have time to rectify anything if the hairdresser messes up or I don’t like the new look, I’m stuck with it…. We shall see!

Yesterday I watched BlackkKlansman, and thought it was amazing! I like Spike Lee’s work anyway, but also really appreciated his ability to inject humour into an otherwise heavy and serious subject matter. The film is shot with a nod to the Blaxploitation films of the 70’s that I love, and I’m already trying to find the soundtrack! My golf is also coming along nicely and I appreciate the dates who have hit the driving range with me. Next week me and my Pro are going to do a full course, and although I have played a few before, this is my first time on the course since I started my lessons, so I’m very excited to see how I do and to establish my handicap (I would like it to be less than 10, but this is probably unrealistic). I also finished reading The Psychopath Test (an excellent read), and although I have started the next book on my reading list, have to admit I haven’t had the time over the last couple of weeks to enjoy reading as much as I would like, but I’m hoping that from September I will be having a change of pace. I haven’t even had much time for cooking (although I always find time in my week for a little wine and cheese 😊 I love strong cheeses – especially blue and smelly cheeses, and pretty much everything else other than goats cheese – the cheese for people who don’t really like cheese. What’s the point in goats cheese anyway? It more or less tastes like nothing, yet always occupies the space on a cheese board that some other more deserving cheese should be taking. Speaking of cheese, I did try the Alex James cheddar (because if there’s one thing the ex bass player from Blur needs, it’s my money to help fund his self indulgent cheese making venture) but I have to say, it is annoyingly an excellent cheese. Since this whole Brexit fiasco, I have found myself sub consciously buying more British produce, in some sort of feeble attempt to acclimatise my taste buds to the reality of the post-Brexit dinner table. Yummies on the continent! Rise up, Rise up! Please send me cheese, wine, olive oil and spices, before it’s too late and I’m forced to spend the rest of my days eating British “delicacies” like chip sandwiches, beans on toast, etc.

But anyway, if your New Years resolution was to have more fun and to start really enjoying life, here’s a quick reminder that it’s August! But it’s also never to late to start! Hoping for an eventful and exciting September. Often you can meet some one new and have a bigger ad more genuine sense of connection and intimacy than with some one you’ve known for decades. Here’s to a magical final quarter of the year! See you soon…

Big kisses and snuggles,

Bree x

PS:   *** I have now moved my wish list to Amazon 💗