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Back in London!

12/07 Back in London after some amazing adventures. Currently very very tanned! Please give me a moment to get to my emails etc. Thanks for being patient – see you soon xxx Bree x

Pose – Hike – Sail – Smile – Repeat.

Thank you! x



Rome ‘n’ Ronnies

Without a doubt the best live jazz performance I have ever been to in my life, and a fantastic adventure in Rome… Magical to share these experiences! x

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All Creatures Great and Small

Absolutely in love with Ambient Jazz Ensemble. What a stunning piece!

à Paris


A Weekend,


Hate to see you go,

Love to watch you leave…


The Bad Boss Questionnaire


Designed to test the inner depths of your sexual psyche! You are trying to hire a new PA, but first you must work out what sort of candidate best suits your needs:

Your Personal assistant will be wearing
A) Classy silk blouse, smart pencil skirt, sensible heels
B) Blouse unbuttoned slightly too much, medium length skirt with stocking tops just showing, high heels and a smile
C) Tight short dress with no underwear, no bra, six inch stilettos, lip gloss

After hours, a good personal assistant always
A) Makes sure all the paperwork is completed, double checks your  schedule
B) Relaxes you with a shoulder massage
C) Gets on her knees and puts in some overtime

Your personal assistant bends over and her skirt splits open, you
A) Rush to her aid, lend her your jacket to cover up, and help her fix the skirt with safety pins
B) Walk past, being sure to “accidentally” brush past her bare bottom as you do
C) Stand behind her and take in the view whilst filming it on your mobile phone

Your personal assistant is required to travel with you for work, ideally,
A) She would get enough rest, as you have an important meeting with clients in the morning
B) You would enjoy a romantic dinner at a top restaurant together that evening
C) She would visit you in your room with a bag full of toys for a little “rest and relaxation”

Kissing in the workplace
A) Is not appropriate and should not take place
B) Is up to the personal assistant
C) Is mandatory, as are blowjobs

Your personal assistant forgets some paperwork and causes you to lose an important business deal, you
A) Tell her politely that it is not acceptable
B) Speak to her about it over coffee, rubbing her knee to let her know it’s okay and everyone makes mistakes
C) Lock her in the office after hours and ask her to give you a striptease to apologise

The best place for lovemaking in the office is
A) It shouldn’t happen in the office
B) The shower
C) The gents toilets, with the door open

Your personal assistants favorite activity is
A) Working, charity work, sewing
B) Dining, painting, travelling
C) Teasing, sucking, swallowing 

Your personal assistant should act
A) In a subtle and demure way
B) In a smart, sexy and confident manor
C) As slutty as possible

You will be hiring her for her
A) Brains, Education, References
B) Spirit, Ambition, Personality
C) Ass, Ass, Ass

It is raining as you walk through the city, you
A) Open up your umbrella and let her walk with you underneath
B) Take of your jacket and give it to her to keep her warm
C) Wait for her white blouse to go see through so you can see her nipples

You walk into the office and find your personal assistant enjoying herself with her toys, you
A) Let her know that this isn’t acceptable in the office
B) Pretend you don’t see, but watch from your office
C) Unzip your trousers and offer her a dose of the real thing

The thing your PA loves about you the most is your
A) Kind heart and work ethic
B) Love of life and sense of humor
C) Cock and balls

By inclination, you are
A) Sensible, and conservative, preferring to play by the rules
B) Open minded and enjoy new experiences
C) Think all rules are made to be broken

You slip your personal assistant an envelope, inside is
A) Some documents she needs to look over
B) An invite for a wine tasting dinner for two
C) An Agent Provocateur gift voucher and a 30 pack of condoms

Personal Assistant tries to open a high window and her left breast accidentally pops out in front of you, you are
A) Embarrassed
B) Amused
C) Wanking furiously!

Your personal assistant should be
A) Efficient, hardworking, intelligent
B) A nice person, compatible with you, friendly
C) Horny, wet, willing to rim you

You get a CV from a better looking candidate, you
A) Weigh up if her qualifications make her better for the job
B) Stick with the personal assistant you have
C) Suggest a blowjob competition. Obviously.

Your personal assistant gives you a hug goodbye, you
A) Turn her away, and shake her hand instead
B) Hug her back, burying your head in her lovely soft hair
C) Use it as an opportunity to reach round and squeeze her bum

Sexually, your personal assistant should be
A) Conservative and sensual
B) Erotic, passionate, and tender
C) Dirty, open minded and up for anything

Your personal assistant has come into your office drunk on Peach Bellini’s (again!) and started to rub between your legs with her hands, you
A) Are very uncomfortable
B) Sit back and let her do what she wants
C) Guide her head towards your cock

A good PA should always be ready for
A) A hard days work ahead and the challenges it presents
B) Adapting to her role and being a friend and a mentor too if need be
C) Cum

You notice your personal assistant has left her bag open on the office table, inside is
A) I would never look in a woman’s bag
B) A reading book, a small vibrator, headphones, and some dark chocolate truffles
C) Baby oil, lube, extra large vibrator, wet knickers, handcuffs

Mostly “A)”
You are a Conservative CEO.
You take your work life seriously and like to separate it from you private/sexual life. Your key motivation is to do well in business and you have no time for in-work antics. You are firm but fair with your personal assistant and ensure you get the best person for the job. Probably, you need to relax a little bit and enjoy yourself, but you are still essentially a lovely hard working gentleman. You work too hard, have too many double expressos, and could do with a holiday. You are best suited to secretary “B” who would help take you out of your shell.

Mostly “B)”
You are a Naughty But Nice boss.
You are a thoughtful and kind boss, but with a naughty streak. You tend to like adventure and sensuality and pick a candidate who you feel is a good person and compatible with yourself. Although you don’t want to push your PA into doing anything she doesn’t want to, you have an insatiable sexuality and are more than happy to assist her in her sexual development as well as in furthering her career. You live by the motto “Carpe Diem” and enjoy the finer things in life. You enjoy a tease, but not a sexually aggressive woman, and a hopeless romantic, you enjoy trips away and client dinners with a lovely PA by your side. You use all opportunities as a chance to enjoy new and fun experiences and are a laid back, friendly gentleman.

Mostly “C)”
Hello; you are a Pervert :)
Having terrorised several Personal Assistants already with your sexually forward nature and “wandering hands” your new PA will need to very sexual, dynamic, and fun. You see the workplace as the perfect place to have a grope, and you prioritise your happiness and sex life, over your work. You are constantly horny and in an ideal world you are seeking a personal assistant who lets you do what you want, and for everyone to know who the boss is. No CV’s necessary- you pick the hottest, sluttiest candidate, and get her to start “work” right away. You need your coffee and a blowjob in the morning, and you enjoy the company of a sexually free, wild woman. You live by the motto “Never waste a woody”! The board of directors has been trying to remove you for years, but little do they know, you’re sleeping with their wives! Contact Bree ASAP for immediate interview!

Which boss are you!?

Your PA,
Bree xx


Thank you :) x


What’s Cooking?


Hey yummies!
Currently it is hot hot hot! But that’s enough about me haha! (Seriously though, it’s so warm that this latex outfit has me sweating like Trump at a feminist march!)

Had such a lovely few days and managed to tick off a bucket list item with a fantastic day watching rugby 7s. Saw pretty much every country worth seeing play live rugby and totally loved it! Rugby is my favourite sport – joint first with the Formula 1, and although 7s may not impress the purists, I actually like the faster paced version, managing to see 6 or 7 games in just a few hours. NEW FETISH: Men in rugby shirts… yum! I was going to wear mine but the weather was just too warm. Have now seen live football, live tennis, live ice hockey and live rugby this year and I love the atmosphere of big stadiums.

For those of you who love cooking and eating as much as I do, I thought you might appreciate that I have been creating many new recipes in the kitchen. This is probably my favourite season with such a wonderful mix of spring and summer ingredients available. The attached photos are of food I have cooked ooked myself recently – Chilli and garlic Tiger prawns with avocado mousse and char grilled spring onions (Literally just finished eating this now – very very delicious!), Bree BBQ – this was another wonderful evening and my very incapable hands were put in charge of the BBQ (brave move!), I made teriyaki salmon, peri peri prawns, sticky BBQ chicken wings, and steaks… hard to do steak on the BBQ so accidentally cooked them medium-well done – aka, totally destroyed them. did all the various marinades myself and it was a success, and my take on a chicken Ceasar salad, with the addition of asparagus (one of my favourite things at the moment) and parma ham instead of bacon. I decided to pair with a lovely fresh glass of my favourite wine (Riesling)


You may also notice (actually, there is almost a zero percent chance you’ve noticed this) my lovely crockery and tableware. Slowly I am replacing my student-style white IKEA plates with lovely new serveware to compliment my cooking. Good plates to a chef are like stockings on a sexy pair of legs – they are not necessary – but damn they complete the look perfectly! Presentation is important to me, and I always always (with no exception) plate my food to a restaurant standard, even when cooking for myself (single girl life!). I am currently OBSESSED (and I mean seriously in love) with Zalto wine glasses, but am caught between the person I think I am (quality loving foodie with impeccable taste for fine glassware) and the person I know myself to be (the type of person who breaks wine glasses on an almost weekly basis). I’m torn abut buying them, not least because when I like something quality, I don’t believe it should just be for “special occasions”. I think that notion is a very unhelpful part of the British psyche – having extra nice plates which you only use at Christmas, or collecting cars which you never drive, or holding on to that old bottle of wine until eventually it outlives you, and so on. If I like something, and I’ve earned it, I will use that thing every single day and take as much pleasure from special items as possible. I remember when I was 22 and it was the first time I got a nice handbag. I wore it to the gym. I wore it to the supermarket. I wore it to take the bins out haha! I actually still have it now but it is so battered that I can’t wear it out. I have never told myself that happiness, pleasure and quality things, are “treats”, instead I have always tried to make these things a way of life. So anyway I’ve put the Zalto wine glasses on my wish list and maybe some kind yummy person would like to treat me to them :)

My confidence as a cook is really growing and I am not trying a lot of things that would have intimidated me before (such as the tiger prawns – I won’t go into detail about having to spoon out their brains and intestines before grilling them haha! I have so many other things I want to try, but it has been one of the most hectic months ever so I haven’t had as much time as I’d like. Had an almost hysterical moment yesterday when I wanted to cook one of my all time favourite salmon dishes and I literally couldn’t find any shop selling fresh dill (first world problems I know!) I went to about 6 supermarkets and a local market, searching for dill, with no luck. About an hour into my search I was starting to get annoyed, I was marching down my road, pulling my hair out (no easy feat) and wondering if there could possibly be a more pathetic-millennial way to die, than to have a panic attack in the middle of Shoreditch because I cant source fresh dill; when finally as a last ditch attempt went into a local cafe to ask (I have become good friends with the owners) and voila! They gave me a massive sprig of dill, and free of charge. Although I never give to receive, this is a cafe that I have been tipping and supporting for the last three years and it was a nice reminder of the benefits of supporting a small business when you can. I think in London it can be hard to find a sense of community, and it was a really nice feeling to have for the first time in my life, put down some roots somewhere and developed amazing relationships with local businesses. In some way it made me very grateful of the people who have taken the time to consistently get to know, and support me :)

I have also been very much enjoying some fantastic dinner dates – everything from my all time favourite certified best Italian restaurant in London “Bocca Di Lupo” right the way up to Peruvian tasting menus at Coya. Dinner dates are of course a favourite experience – I love everything from putting together an outfit, to having cocktails beforehand, to getting you hot under the collar in the back of the taxi home. This will sound like pretentious nonsense but eating well to me is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, and to me, sharing food is a sexual and bonding experience. I have been lucky to pick my last 4 or 5 dinner locations and enjoy ticking off some restaurants that I have always wanted to try, from gastro pubs (trying an AMAZING one this coming week), to molecular gastronomy. Yesterday I had a solo lunch and had some of the most delicious juicy mussels I have ever had; but at the bottom there were two or three mussels which hadn’t opened. Conventional wisdom would suggest that if they don’t open, you don’t eat them, but what with being fundamentally greedy and all, I obviously prised them open and ate them anyway. I’m here to tell the tale (unexpected benefit of growing up poor = strong stomach lol) and actually I have researched it according to science (AKA Google) there is no problem with eating the closed ones, assuming they are cooked enough. I also had two totally new foodie firsts – I tried sweetbreads for the first time, and although I was so sure I wouldn’t like them, I have to admit I really enjoyed them! And also ticked off a bucket list item and enjoyed a lovely bottle of Cristal champagne for the first time (EPIC and very special!!!) I love trying new things and enjoying these experiences. When I’m an old lady I shall remember these moments forever. Thanks!

Have so many other funny stories to tell you – like what happened when a hotel wrote to me THREE WEEKS after I stayed there, to tell me I’d left my panties in the room and ask would I like them back, or what happened when one of the metal rivets broke on my leather fetish harness, and I bought it to the shoe repair shop in the middle of the City at rush hour for fixing… But I shall have to share these anecdotes with you in person because they need hand gestures and funny faces for full effect! :) I shall leave you to enjoy the rest of your week in peace… don’t do anything I wouldn’t! ;)

Big kisses and a table for two,

Bree x


is a Project, not a Destination. (From top left): In the bathtub with my favourite spring flowers (peonies); Yesterdays home cooking – Thai roast chicken salad, with lots of chilli and ginger – supposed to serve two, but of course, I ate it all; Some surprise treats that arrived today (thank you, nice to feel appreciated!); If in doubt, I wear black; Recent good news from ActionAid about one of my child sponsors, although I sponsor a few so they have accidentally mixed the names up – Namelok is actually in Kenya, it’s Mohammad (my first ever child sponsor) who lives in Palestine – but anyway, good to hear he is safe and well!; Have wanted to learn to play poker for a long time (crucial Bond Girl skill), and finally was taught how to play. Now trying to advance my technique from “wear a low cut top and pretend not to know what’s going on”, to something a little more substantial; flicking through the beautiful interior adverts of Wallpaper magazine with a big bold glass of Burgundy; Dinner at the best table of my all time favourite Italian restaurant – Bocca Di Lupo, Soho; A soulful cover of Sinatra’s “Got You Under My Skin”. I am a big Sinatra fan, and have a lot of his vinyl, and heard this interpretation at the start of a documentary – and I often enjoy covers of favourite songs – they can give you a totally different appreciation for the lyrics – I really loved this cover; Hello, Latex: Have recently bought a couple of beautiful hand made (very sexy) latex pieces, including this spanking skirt. The latex takes a lot of work polishing and looking after, but I love the look. As a final note – busy busy as usual, trying my best to take over the world and enjoy the summer. Would love to see you soon… Kiss! Bree x


Netflix and Chill?

Air Hostess Fantasy

A new draft for one of my favorite fantasies! Probably best you don’t read this one at work :)

06:45am and as usual I am in the staff cabin, pining my hair up and getting ready for the flight. It’s the 7am to Washington DC, my favorite flight and one I am starting to know well. I have been working for Virgin Airways for 4 months now, and after a shaky start I’m starting to become a little more relaxed in my role. Just before we are due to fly, the Captain runs into the staff cabin with sweat on his forehead.
“Bree, I’m so sorry to do this to you, but Kate’s just had to go home sick so we’re one person down in First Class; There are some big players flying today so we can’t go short, we need you in there”.
I gulp. I have never worked First Class and I start to panic “Peter, I really can’t… I’ve only just-”
“Get the uniform on and get in there.” he orders. The door to the captain’s cabin slams in my face before I can protest further. Nearly in tears, I go to the staff cupboard to get my First Class uniform. I diligently search through the packets, but to my horror, all the uniforms are in size XS and XXS and I really need a small. Eventually I have to settle for the XS, and head to the bathroom to try to get the uniform on. The blouse is so tight that I can’t do up the top three buttons, and the remaining ones are straining. As I pull the pencil skirt over my stockings, the zip breaks and falls off in my hand. With only the XXS left (no chance!), I slowly try to get the skirt on. It just about fits, but is so tight that it restricts my walking to a tiny steps and the skirt is pulled tight, hugging my ass and legs, right to below the knee. Barely able to breathe, I walk slowly to the First Class carriage, stopping every few steps to close the buttons on my blouse which keep popping open. As I make my way through the carriage, a hairy hand reaches out and slaps me hard on the ass. I turn around furiously “How dare you! You–“ Before I can finish, another air hostess, Amy, grabs me by the arm, pulling me close and whispering into my ear “Bree! Do you have any idea who that is?! He works for the Government! You’re in First Class now.” She turns to the man sat there, aged around 45, and wearing sharp suit- “Mr Rata, have a wonderful flight!” she smiles, before leading me away. I stand there, shocked. Page 18 of the virgin airways staff handbook clearly said that staff harassment would not be tolerated. I make a mental note to complain to the captain, but when we get to the cabin Amy turns to me – “Bree, these guys are used to getting what they want okay? Just play along.”012

The flight takes off.

It’s the usual routine as I wiggle through, pushing a trolley- “Any tea? Coffee Sir? Glass of Champagne?…Good morning gentlemen, any tea? Coffee? Champagne?” The First Class area is a little different. Each passenger has a seat near the window and a second larger seat nearer the aisle which reclines in to a bed, with a curtain that can be pulled for privacy. Pretty nice! I reach Mr Rata, I try to hastily pour the coffee and move on, but end up spilling a little on the tray. Mumbling apologies, I lean forward with a cloth and wipe up the spillage. As I do so, the button on my blouse strains, and finally pops off and falls into his lap- exposing a white lace push up bra. I stand up in shock, my breasts bouncing and nearly falling out of my bra “Oh!! Oh no….!” This is so embarrassing! big tears drop from my eyes, over my breasts, making my nipples harden a little. I try to leave for the staff cabin, but Mr Rata grabs my hand. “You forgot my orange juice, Bree.” he says, ogggling my breasts.
“Oh but Mr Rata, my blouse! I’m just going to quickly change first and I’ll–” He beckons me close so no one else can hear “You are fucking sexy.” He casually reaches forward and begins squeezing my chest “Now if you don’t want me to make a complaint about how you spilled hot coffee on one of the most respected US senators, then be a good girl and get me my orange juice.”
I don’t reply, and silently pour the juice. A few gentlemen walk past and I feel my bum being groped or smacked by each of them as I lean forward in my figure hugging skirt, barely holding together at the seams. I place the orange juice on the table. “Not there, put it there” Mr Rata gestures to the empty window seat to his left. I have to lean right over him to get to the window seat and as I’m doing so, my worst fears are realised, and my breasts pop out of my bra.

I try to steady myself, but fall forwards over Mr Rata’s lap, face down, bottom in the air. I hear the back seam of my skirt cracking, and a second later, cool aircon on my bottom as the skirt splits completely open along the back, exposing my matching white lace thong, suspender belt and stockings. Trying to regain control of the situation, and out of breath, and can feel a steady twitching in his crotch area underneath me.
“Mr.. Rata… Oh… Please… Gosh… Please.. Helpme…. Get…. Up… Oh…!” Squirming across his lap, I can feel him fully hard underneath me, and without a word, he raises his right hand and spanks me very firmly on the bottom. I squeal. Five more firm spankings come straight after, but I take these silently, until I feel my bottom and my face becoming hot. I finally manage to stand up, my blouse wide open with no buttons left, my breasts out of my bra, and my skirt at my ankles. “I want you in here” Mr Rata gestures to the window seat to his left. Desperate to hide myself, I take the seat and he pulls the curtain. I hear three clicks as he reclines his chair to an almost horizontal position. He unzips his trousers. I sit there silently, not daring believe that a man of such social standing could possibly be acting in such a disgraceful manner.
“Ride me.” He says.
This is just too much! I protest – “Mr Rata this is not right, I am sorry but on behalf of Virgin Airways I have to say that this is an appalling…” He reaches out and touches me gently between the legs “If it’s so appalling Bree, why are you wet? You’re soaking, you little slut.”

I wave hot hot embarrassment passes over me. It’s true, I’ve been single for a while, and although I dare not admit it to myself, there was something exciting about Mr Rata and his firm hand. I climb on top and I can’t help but moaning out with my eyes closed as I feel him enter me with his hands around my waist. Other than my toys, haven’t been with a man in over six months. I can feel Mr Rata tensing up “Oh my god you’re so tight you little slut. Do you like that? Well, do you? Say yes Mr Rata! SAY IT!” I look at him pleading with my eyes “Yes Mr Rataaa…” He positions me into doggy with my face pressed right up against the window. I hear him moving behind me, and a few moments later, I see him holding an apple from my refreshments trolley. “Bite it”. He puts the apple to my mouth and I open wide and bite down. The apple wedges in my mouth, gagging me, with sweet, sticky apple juice running down my chin. At first, he teases me slowly, making my whole body shake, but finally starts to fuck me roughly and selfishly from behind. I can hear two colleagues on the other side of the curtain “Has anyone seen Bree?… She’s not round the back..” I try to scream out but I can’t with the apple stuck in my mouth. I try to fight it but my legs start shaking and I start to cum, so excited that I gush down my legs and onto my stocking tops. Mr Rata grabs me tighter and I start to cum for the second time in a row. The apple falls from my mouth and I scream out loud “Oh I love it! …. Fuck me rough I love it like that… Harder! HARDER!!” My bum bouncing up and down and my eyes and mouth wide open. I cover my mouth but can’t help smiling shyly back at him. It feels so good!

He finally sits back down in the chair. On my knees and looking up at him I take him in my mouth and begin to blow him slowly, whilst he guides my head with his hands and slowly pushes himself into my mouth. His head leaning right back, I can see his chest heaving as his cock reaches the back of my gagging throat, deep enough for my eyes to water. I rub him all over my face, lapping at the tip every so often. I can feel him pulsing as I french kiss the tip slowly with my tongue “I want you in from behind again”. He positions me in doggy and tells me to stay still. I feel a wet thumb pressing into my bottom “No Mr Rata, I don’t like…” I lie, as he starts fucking me from behind with his thumb in my ass. The other hand is playing with my clit and I feel like I’m going to cum again. He puts the hand to my mouth and I start sucking on three of his fingers. As he hits my G Spot my whole body looses control and I start to shake violently, screaming and squirting all over myself “oh fuck, you sexy fucking bitchhhh-” he rips my thong right off me, collapses on top of me and cums deeply inside me with me still sucking on his fingers.

As he released me and takes his seat again, I catch the eye of the gentleman sat in the next cabin, watching through a gap in the curtain.

Mr Rata takes the cloth I was using to clean the spilled coffee and gently wipes my face, taking off all my makeup. My hair pins have come loose and my hair is down. “you’re very cute” he says, tapping me on the nose with the tissue “Thankyou Mr Rata” I say grinning at him, feeling a little embarrassed but very satisfied (and even a little hungry for more!). I ask him if he can get my skirt and the XXS uniform from my trolley, and he reaches though the curtain to pick them up.
“Oh I’m sorry Bree…” he says, opening the curtain a little so I can see. My trolley is no longer there! Another hostess must have bought it back to the staff cabin! I am sat in the window seat in nothing but heels, a suspender belt, and ripped wet stockings. There is a cracking noise as the loudspeaker adjusts- “This is a Virgin Airways staff announcement; Bree to report to the staff cabin immediately, that is Bree, Bree to report to the staff cabin immediately.” My heart starts pounding. I poke my head out of the curtain and look around. My noises have not gone unnoticed and the gentleman opposite is hard in his trousers. I step out, with nothing more than a napkin to cover me, and make my way towards the staff cabin…

B x