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Have updated my yummy password – please get in touch if you need the new one. Currently working on a new site with individual passwords to make things easier. Big kiss! Bree x


Got my hair done yesterday ahead of my shoot (tomorrow). Hope you like! ❤


Waitrose ii (fiction)

The Saturday shop,
A rose tinted blouse
Heels and skinny jeans
A devil may care attitude.
Raising hell
Smelling of heaven
A bouncing belle
At the delicatessen

Buying things I don’t need
To the assistant about

“- Excuse me, 300 grams of that stilton please?”

The voice runs down my spine
And settles
Between my legs.

Covertly, I
Move my head a few degrees to the right and take you in
From the corner of my
Flirtatious eye.
A yummy.
39 ish
Blonde and in need of a haircut
Half curls perch on your
Freckled head
Your eyes are blue
A signet ring
Is on your right hand,
Nothing on your left
Interrupt the assistant
“Go for the West Country stilton instead.”

I turn to look you in the eye
As you look me squarely
And conspicuously
In the
Your neck turns red.
“I always get this one it’s very good”
You say, dismissively.
Why don’t you try something different? Something you’ve never had before. It’s cheese-”
I say cheekily, flashing you a grin
“- Not a hedge fund. No risk, no reward. Or… is your taste in cheese as boring as your taste in shirts?”
I flash you another giant grin
Pick up my prosciutto and
Strut away.
With a basket swinging
Silk clad arm.

You catch up with me near the bakery
Trying to look cool.
“I got the West Country-”
A pause,
“What’s wrong with my shirt?”

You are very cute.
In a kind of
Socially uncomfortable
Fundamentally miserable
English way.

I’d like to nibble you.

You stand
Between the
Muffins and the
Whilst I bend over in my jeans
Attempting to pick a pack of
Teacakes from the bottom shelf –
I simply
Can’t decide,
And my backside sways left and right as I
Deliberate between the
Own brand and the
I look back at you and flash a
Playful grin

Own brand it is.
(Not paying £3.49 for 6 tea cakes.)
I straighten myself up.

Checked, button down shirt
No tie
Diesel jeans-
Tapered cut, 34 waist 32 leg
R.M. Williams
Chelsea boots, in battered black suede
A half belly
The remnants of a rugby physique
Ginger hairs sprouting from your forearms like watercress
Trying to think of something clever to say.
Another pause,
Then, finally, your best effort-
“So. You like tea cakes, do you?”

I laugh out loud
Guess this counts as a chat up line
Round South Ken.

The human brain is a
Mysterious thing-
Soaking wet.

I survey your basket:
Sweet potatoes
Some sort of protein thingy
Tuna steaks
6 pack of Sol beers
Two limes
Smoked salmon


I imagine
Behind closed doors
You have a lovely leather corner couch and you fuck me on there
But accidentally cum in 3 minutes or so and I go to your fridge and
Get you
One of the beers and
You let me wear your shirt
(The one I secretly like but am pretending not to like)
It smells of you mixed with Yves Saint Laurent.
I allow myself a few final seconds
On the couch with you
Then snap back to reality.

“I beg your pardon?”
“My name is Bree.”
“Oh. I’m er. Ha. Er. Tony”

I can’t concentrate and keep
Ridiculous things like
Do you really like tuna steaks (yuck)
Why aren’t you married and
If you like having your balls licked
Before or after cumming.

A card drenched in sweat is pressed into my palm
“I have to go-”
You half run away.
I stand and watch your arse as you bolt to the self-checkout.
I look down and turn over the damp card
“Anthony Clarke, Senior Partner”
And the name of a firm I don’t know.

It’s all rather predictable.

Thoroughly soaked
Pay for my items
Desperately trying to avoid
Grey hair here
Pinstripes there
Brogues and a bald head by the rotisserie
A Patek pushing a trolley through the
Fruit and veg and
Almost walk
Head first into
5ft 10
14 stones
White shirt
With initials stitched on the front
A discrete gold watch
Small eyes and
Such an intoxicating
Presence of
Stress and
Testosterone I nearly
Fall to my knees
But accept
Wry smile and a wink

Oh Waitrose,
Leveller of all men.
Couldn’t be without you.


Latex, Leather, and Lightning Speed



Hi yummies!

I hope you are well? Have just emerged from a steaming hot bubble bath and enjoying a lovely lazy weekend, which has to be one of life’s most simple but perfect luxuries. Although summer is (obviously) the best season, I have to admit that there is something magical about this upcoming September-October season (other than my birthday on the 21st Oct – hint hint!) when you find yourself curled up in front of an open fire at a cosy bar or country house. The English countryside is something of an enigma to me – on one hand I am a very outdoorsy person, and like to see myself as a modern-day Annie Oakley, strolling through the woods in the delicious combination of Hunter wellies, thick knitwear, and Agent Provocateur, foraging for wild mushrooms, feasting on wild game, and so on, but in reality… I cant light a fire (my technique is essentially lots and lots of lighter fluid, and hoping the whole thing won’t blow up when I throw a match at it and run away), I can’t stand insects of any sort, and I’m terrible at shooting – the last time I went shooting, I hit about 2 our of 60 clays, and accidentally killed a pigeon (I don’t feel too apologetic about this as getting obliterated by a hot woman with a shot gun is probably the best possible way a pigeon could die). So although I’m hardly the consummate Girl Scout, I do really love the English countryside, and have even enjoyed some of our beautiful coastline over the summer. I also really like British heritage brands – like Barbour, Burberry, and Hunter, and recently found the most gorgeous DAKS coat in a local vintage shop (it’s pretty much an old lady/ Nigel Farage coat but l was recently gifted a beautiful pair of leather boots and they match perfectly!). As someone who loves fashion, I enjoy mixing up styles, and pairing vintage items with more modern pieces – I love quality things, whether they are old or new, trendy or timeless.

So anyway… life is a little hectic at the moment and I’m trying to juggle a lot of projects and things at once, so thanks for bearing with me! Chemistry is important to me, Have had some epic adventures – last week I had my first ever experience as passenger on a (very sexy) motorbike! This was such a fun but surprising feeling – I thought I would be terrified but I totally loved it! The lightness and speed gives bikes the same appeal that racing cars and helicopters and speed boats have – that feeling of danger and the excitement of being on such a seemingly fragile vehicle. I love bike culture also – not just the clothes, but also the ability to take to the road and at a moments notice. Just that one ride has really made me want a bike! For me, one of the most important things to preserve in life is a sense of freedom; not only being free sexually, but also having the freedom (when need be) to travel and escape the monotony of day to day life. I spent this morning shopping for a couple of new latex outfits at an amazing couture latex boutique. So many beautiful things to pick from! I love latex – I can’t say I have any particular fetish for it, I just love the way it looks and hugs the body. I opted for a bubblegum blue mini dress, and a longer pencil dress in a wine/burgundy colour. They are making the second dress to order, but you can see the first one after my shoot next weekend. Speaking of the shoot… aaah!! So by now you will know that I always approach these shoots with a mixture of total fear and apprehension. But this time there is an added tension in that I am changing my look the day before, so will not have time to rectify anything if the hairdresser messes up or I don’t like the new look, I’m stuck with it…. We shall see!

Yesterday I watched BlackkKlansman, and thought it was amazing! I like Spike Lee’s work anyway, but also really appreciated his ability to inject humour into an otherwise heavy and serious subject matter. The film is shot with a nod to the Blaxploitation films of the 70’s that I love, and I’m already trying to find the soundtrack! My golf is also coming along nicely and I appreciate the dates who have hit the driving range with me. Next week me and my Pro are going to do a full course, and although I have played a few before, this is my first time on the course since I started my lessons, so I’m very excited to see how I do and to establish my handicap (I would like it to be less than 10, but this is probably unrealistic). I also finished reading The Psychopath Test (an excellent read), and although I have started the next book on my reading list, have to admit I haven’t had the time over the last couple of weeks to enjoy reading as much as I would like, but I’m hoping that from September I will be having a change of pace. I haven’t even had much time for cooking (although I always find time in my week for a little wine and cheese 😊 I love strong cheeses – especially blue and smelly cheeses, and pretty much everything else other than goats cheese – the cheese for people who don’t really like cheese. What’s the point in goats cheese anyway? It more or less tastes like nothing, yet always occupies the space on a cheese board that some other more deserving cheese should be taking. Speaking of cheese, I did try the Alex James cheddar (because if there’s one thing the ex bass player from Blur needs, it’s my money to help fund his self indulgent cheese making venture) but I have to say, it is annoyingly an excellent cheese. Since this whole Brexit fiasco, I have found myself sub consciously buying more British produce, in some sort of feeble attempt to acclimatise my taste buds to the reality of the post-Brexit dinner table. Yummies on the continent! Rise up, Rise up! Please send me cheese, wine, olive oil and spices, before it’s too late and I’m forced to spend the rest of my days eating British “delicacies” like chip sandwiches, beans on toast, etc.

But anyway, if your New Years resolution was to have more fun and to start really enjoying life, here’s a quick reminder that it’s August! But it’s also never to late to start! Hoping for an eventful and exciting September. Often you can meet some one new and have a bigger ad more genuine sense of connection and intimacy than with some one you’ve known for decades. Here’s to a magical final quarter of the year! See you soon…

Big kisses and snuggles,

Bree x

PS:   *** I have now moved my wish list to Amazon 💗

Hate to see you go,

Love to watch you leave…



Good Afternoon! Would love to attend this event in a few weeks time – I went last year and really enjoyed it! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please get in touch to discuss details and arrange our date. Kiss! Bree x


A Few Moments

(From top left): Flower arranging, lipstick vibrators, manicure in Ferrari Red, relaxing mornings, some treats, an evening in three parts, spa treat – thank you Dr!, the south coast of England; and the joy of longer dates (my Summer Menu ends at the end of this month, wine at one of my new favourite restaurants; Brat (Time Out just released their 10 Best Restaurants in London list – a game changer – all are informal dining and I have been to 7 (greedy!) These are some of my all time favourite places, if you would like to try one – I would love to join you!, found a wonderful mid century furniture shop, business as usual at the gym, stumbled across a classic car show (love classic cars!).






Road Trip

Femme Fatale

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A thought: Meeting new people is an exciting experience, but nothing is as special and enjoyable as getting to know someone over time and building a genuine, lasting friendship. Sexually too; intimacy is like an on going project, which only gets more interesting and more potent with time – and what better project can there be than investing in your own happiness?



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You Must Eat Life Before Life Eats You



Hi yummies!

Have been neglecting my blogging – but for the best reason possible – to focus on my real life adventures, and to enjoy this almost biblical spate of good weather we have been enjoying. Thought I would update you with what’s going on in planet Bree – but as it’s been a while, I shall break this blog up into two halves :)


In the book “The Art of Travel”, Alain de Botton poses the theory that the majority of a travelling experience is about who you’re with. This is such a simple, but true statement. For me, one of the biggest appeals of travelling, is simply the ability to get to know someone in an environment where no one knows you. Yes, it’s about the place, but ultimately it’s about the person. Exploring new restaurants, strolling down markets, me dragging you through shoe shops (considerably more fun than it sounds!), getting lost down winding roads, and the whole time, being in an unfamiliar place. In order to really know some one, or really know yourself, you must travel… it adds an element of freedom – and the only thing more exciting than an adventure, is sharing an adventure. As you can tell from my ever increasing tan (my skin tone has gone from Galaxy Bar, to Lindt 78% Cocoa), I have already managed to fill this summer with some fantastic away dates – Europe at this time of year is unbeatable, just a few hours flight and before you know it you’re stuffing your face with pizza, gulping down Aperol Spritz and wondering if it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, to sell up, to end the rat race and live out the rest of your days in a… 

Oh wait, we’re about to leave the EU and end Freedom of Movement. Great. And no matter how Farage wants to spin it, the Costa Del Skegness doesn’t quite do it for me, but I’m sure once I commit to my inevitable fate – participating in a sham marriage in order to obtain an EU passport (aka passport to sunshine and decent food) – it will all be worth it, because something something something sovereignty. But I digress… Have enjoyed wonderful trips to Italy, Spain and France, and still have so many more places I would love to visit. I’ve been speaking about doing a wellness/ detox holiday for a long time and am finally looking into it properly. I’ve found one very luxurious spa where, apparently,  they freeze you then microwave you. Who knew – people will pay top draw to get treated like a ready meal! Yes, I’m talking about the (ironically named) Cryotherapy, where they freeze you to -90 degrees. Have you heard of it? …No? me neither! So maybe I’ll give this one a miss, but I have seen some amazing spas in Iceland and Scandinavia which have the perfect mix of wellness, healthy food, and being set in beautiful countryside.  At the moment my top 6 places in Europe I haven’t visited but would love to visit are: Sardinia, Monaco, Croatia, Vienna, Ibiza (crazy that I haven’t been!), and Lisbon. I appreciate places with good culture, good food, and interesting  people. Travel can be luxurious (I visited the amazing Keemala resort last year and loved it) or simple (one new years eve me and a friend decided it would be a good idea to go to Paris and not book a hotel with the view to simply stay up all night and leave the next morning instead. Inevitably, at about 2am this was looking like a very bad idea, and our nights accommodation was – I kid you not – a park bench. This summer has already included some fantastic travelling experiences, from sailing in the sun, to Champagne in the shade, and I am feeling very lucky, and very grateful, to have been in fantastic company the whole way through. I appreciate these adventures a lot – here’s to many more!

Gym and Sport

In the interest of the collective blood pressure of the nation, I shall completely ignore the FARCICAL DISAPPOINTMENT that was the World Cup, and move swiftly on to my golf progress. I can’t believe how much I have improved! I am genuinely so proud of myself for managing to get to the driving range 3 times a week, and the difference between when I started, and now, is massive. Mostly, progress is about my worst shots not being as bad, and my best shots going further, higher, and straighter than before. Today I had my first lesson on some of the short game – chipping and pitching, which I’m finding challenging, especially the pitching, but I’m enjoying learning all the elements of the game, and particularly an improvement on teeing off. Last week I managed to break 100 yards – which isn’t much to some people but is my personal best. I am one of those people who hates being bad at things, and found the beginning of my golf journey very frustrating, but am now at the stage where I can practice solo between lessons, and am looking at getting my own half set of clubs in the near future (I’m thinking either matte black, or a gold colour). I also tried rowing for the first time ever (have used rower at gym but this was my first time rowing in a boat on open water) and I’m surprisingly good! Once you get into the rhythm, there is something almost relaxing about it.

And another first – hiking, which is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I can’t put into words the sense of achievement and physical pride you feel, reaching the top of a mountain and looking down. This was something I would definitely love to do again and one of my favourite ever experiences. I love being outdoors, and although I’m no Ray Mears, I do take a lot of pleasure from walking, and enjoying places of natural beauty. Gym is going well, but a little difficult to fit in around my other commitments. One good thing about having a personal trainer is the sense of duty and responsibility that forces you to be up at 7am and in the gym by 7:30. God, did I seriously just write that I enjoy the responsibility attached to getting up at 7am? Yikes – I must be getting boring in my old age! Another fantastic experience was wonderful and totally unexpected gift of two tickets to see the live tennis! I went with a girlfriend, and we had such a good time. I love the atmosphere that surrounds live sport, and being able to witness tennis being played at an elite level was amazing. It’s almost impossible to over state how inspiring it is! I used to sprint, and I understand from my own experiences, the sheer amount of dedication and hard work it takes to be an athlete. In a world of quick fixes and instant gratification, I love that in sport winning is about putting in the hours, and the hard graft (unless you’re on the Russian team… Joke!), but this relentless strive to better yourself is something I really identify with.

The Arts

Experienced the best night of jazz in my life at Ronnie Scotts, courtesy of the drumming legend Billy Cobham. London is a particularly dry spot when it comes to jazz – I was boogieing away in my chair (the music was SERIOUSLY funky) but to my dismay every one else was sat politely sipping Chardonnay – an insult to jazz! A couple of days ago I had another first – my first time visiting a comedy club. Initially I was hesitant, as I have to find things genuinely very funny to laugh out loud, and didn’t want to be that one person sat there awkwardly with my arms folded, but I really loved it and found most of the comedians to be hilarious (luckily, I narrowly escaped any of them making fun out of me). I can’t believe I waited so long to experience live comedy (with the exception of my day to day life, which I suppose is comedic, in a sort of hilariously tragic, yet strangely compelling way). One thing I haven’t gotten round to this year so far is the Opera; something I’m reasonably new to, but an experience that I am trying to enjoy more often. Most recently I saw Le Nozze di Figaro, at La Scala in Milan, and Otello, at the Royal Opera House. I like the excuse to get dressed up – and picking out a glamorous and elegant dress for the evening. I love the sense of history, the sets, and the beautiful Opera houses… In a magazine, I recently came across the Margravial Opera House in Germany. WOW! This has to be the most beautiful place with the most intricate architecture, absolutely stunning. It never fails to amaze me, the architectural feats that people managed to achieve, with no computers, no internet, and no electricity. In some ways it really puts the plain boxes we live in these days to shame! I’ve also been expanding my vinyl collection but have been stopped in my tracks by my record player unexpectedly breaking (both the arm, and the belt). In some ways this has been a blessing in disguise and I am currently on the hunt for a much better quality replacement with an amp and some good speakers. I’ve got my eye on (because I obviously couldn’t make this easy and just buy a replacement off the shelf) a vintage – late 70’s – Bang and Olufsen record player but I’m truly terrible at tech so still researching which one is best. Since my player breaking I’ve realised how much I love my vinyls and listen to my most loved records on a weekly basis. My collection sprawls from The Clash, to Genesis, to James Brown, to Tchaikovsky, to Prince, and I’m looking forward to my vinyls benefiting from a much higher quality player. Got one of my most wanted vinyls from my wishlist recently (Ambient Jazz Ensemble) and cant wait to give it a spin!

And because I don’t have enough projects going on… I’ve bought a massive canvas and am going to attempt another painting, but this time I think I am going to take more time to really plan and consider the subject matter. Like most people who paint – I am utterly deluded and think I’m brilliant, but either way it’s something I find very relaxing and therapeutic (hey, it beats getting frozen then microwaved). I finally finished Orwells 1984 (I cried at the end – truly I am pathetic haha!) and have started The Psychopath Test by Ron Jonson, which is turning out to be an interesting read. I read Jonsons “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” and it was one of my favourite books from last year, and The Psychopath Test, has a similar relaxed and conversational style. ~I have been gifted a few interesting books – “Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are” by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, “Post Truth – the new war on truth and how to fight back” by Matthew D’ancona, and “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” by Joan Didon, which comes highly recommended and will probably be the next read on my list. 

So that’s the news on Travel, Sport and the Arts – will be back next week with the second half of this blog (Politics, Personal Development, Sex, Food!)

My apologies for my recent lack of availability, as you will be aware I am raising my rates in September, so am anticipating myself to have a little more free time for us to  get to know each other. Thanks for being patient :)

Big kisses everywhere,

Bree x



Think Kink;

Pose – Hike – Sail – Smile – Repeat.

Thank you! x